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Neuschwanstein Travel Bavaria Germany 300x240 the most interesting and most beautiful Bavaria | GermanyMonaco, our journey starts from the most populated region of Bavaria, Upper Bavaria, a land characterized by splendid landscapes offered by the mountains, from the picturesque lakes, rolling hills and meadows and fairy tale castles. In the geographical heart of this region lies its capital, Monaco, that embodies all the characteristics of Bavaria. Much of its fame due to beer, in whose honor between September and October is Oktoberfest, giant feast in which 15 days are consumed 6,000,000 liters of beer. Do not miss a walk on the Englischer Garten, the “green lung” of Monaco and one of the largest and most beautiful English gardens of the world

For those who love science but is the Deutsches Museum, located on an island in the middle of the river Isar, one of the most famous scientific museums about the development of the automobile and railways, ships and cars drive, and the history of aeronautics and astronautics. Finally, for sports fans, here is the Olympic Park with the Olympic Stadium. In Upper Bavaria there are other places really striking: you can visit the facilities Bavaria Film Movie (where he was shot, “Asterix and Obelix”), or take a trip to the “Convent of beer” at Andechs to sample the excellent beer brewed by Benedictine monks. Heading south we meet Schongau, known as “the door of the monasteries in the region” for the large number of churches, chapels and religious buildings. Continuing Wieskirche is reached, one of the most famous baroque churches of the world, and Oberammergau, wieskirchela town famous for its sacred representation of the Passion of Christ, an event that attracts spectators from all over the world. Nearby stands the castle of Linderhof, the favorite residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, with the wonders of his park. The highest mountains of the Bavarian Alps rise instead of the wide plains of the Allgäu. This region is the most suitable place for a holiday care: clean air, climate, curative mud.

The northwestern part of Bavaria was occupied by the Franconia region of the territory is mainly hilly, crossed by large rivers such as the least and the Pegnitz. Nuremberg is probably the most popular town, exciting symbiosis between the modern city and medieval center. We recommend a trip from Nuremberg to Ansbach, the capital of the Rococo Francone, until you get to Würzburg, a former Episcopalian hours bustling university town and important cultural center. This town is the first stage of the romantic road that also leads to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a city that seduces you with its medieval atmosphere, the unique features and great artistic and architectural treasures. We close our trip with the greatest natural attraction in Bavaria: the national park Bavareseforesta_bavarese Forest, which extends north of Passau in eastern Bavaria, which with its 15 thousand hectares is the largest European forest area. It ‘a park is extremely rich in botanical diversity and allows you to explore, experience, understand and enjoy nature in a pristine environment of great interest. Let’s see how and ‘can have a direct contact with nature.

Among the cities of the eastern region deserves a visit Regensburg (Regensburg), preserved by the beautiful medieval town center intact over the centuries, rich in monuments of great artistic and cultural significance.

I hope I have provided useful tips to those wishing to visit the most interesting and suggestive of wonderful Bavaria.

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